Monday, June 29, 2015

Building an MXR Noise Gate pedal replica

After examining the DIY PCB market I decided to go with
I ordered the PCB from them, printed the bill-of-materials PDF and ordered all the parts from eBay - some parts came from Europe, but most of them came from China.
Here are the pictures from the building process:

Most of the parts have arrived, the soldering iron is hot and I'm ready to begin.
 High quality PCB printing and well easy to read diagrams by

 Almost fully populated PCB, still need resistors with special values and go to to the local DIY shop to test transistor values.

 Completed the PCB. Testing with headphones with the Zoom multi effect pedal.

 After changing two resistors according to user comments on tonepad's website and selecting matching transistors the PCB is fully operational and ready to be housed.
The coupled resistors are to double the value to create values that were missing in the DIY shop: (e.g: in the lower left corner: 1M1+1M1=2M2)

 Measuring for guts and holes placements.

 Testing in the pedalboard with "noisy" input.

 The final result, it is so efficient that I find myself with it on most of the time.


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  2. can you please share with us all the changes you did to the tonepad schematic?

    1. 1. Replaced the 1M resistor between Q3 Gate and Attack with a 1.8K resistor
      2. Replaced the 1M with a 1.5K or 1.8K resistor between the FET gate and the Ra


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