Monday, October 6, 2014

Modifying an American Standard Stratocaster 2011

Modifications that were done:

  • Replacing 3 pots with CTS 250k's (450G Series)
  • Replacing Capacitor with paper-in-wax hand rolled type .1MFD/uF 150VDC
  • Replacing stock 5-way switch with side-spring (vintage) type
  • Installing grounding plate for pots and switch
  • Replacing Amr. Std. pups with Texas Special Custom Shop pups
  • Replacing all wiring with push-back cloth vintage type 22Gauge
  • Replacing stock plastic parts with Fender "aged" color
  • Installing 5 black tremolo springs
  • Replacing bridge saddles and tremolo block with Callaham parts
  • Replacing Am. Std. tuners with Fender locking tuners
  • Replacing stock synthetic bone with real bone nut by MacMull Custom Guitars 

 Here I installed a harness pre assembled with the parts described above. I bought it from eBay and it fits great into the pickguard.It has 50s era specs and it sounds really nice.

 Here you can see the Custom Shop Texas Special pickups. Nice and thick.

 Worn look - plastic parts were replaced with yellowish color.
 Callaham saddles - maintain height for much longer than the stock Fender ones.
 I ended up with 4 springs.The Callaham block does a much better job than the stock Fender one.
 Custom made nut. By Tal Macmull.
 Most simple Fender lockin tuners. Best value for money. Guitar stays in tune forever and string replacements are a breeze.

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