Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Building a Colorsound Power Boost pedal replica

One of David Gilmours' most essential pedal is, without a doubt, the Power Boost.
So I decided to build one. It takes natively 18v, so I added another circuit to transform 9v into 18v so the pedal won't be the ugly duckling of the pedalboard.

Here the some pictures from the building process:

I ordered a full kit, with all parts, from Fuzz Dog's pedalparts.co.uk. Everything came nicely packaged and in a timely manner.

Here is the populated PCB. It has two options - 9v or 18v. I went with the 18v for a more authentic sound.

To make the pedal take 9v I added the Power Pump - a nice and small 9v to 18v converter.

Of course I ordered an orange casing for the Power Boost.

 Testing phase.

Fitting everything inside the enclosure. Note how small the Power Pump is - right beside the 3PDT switch.

Done. Sounds great and has a gain knob which the original pedal is missing.
The plan is to use water transfer paper to create the decal.

 Here it is on the pedalboard.

Ended up printing label on a P-Touch device.

Sweet sounding pedal. Very happy with it.